Ecolink | TX-E611 | 319.5Mhz (Qolsys/Interlogix) Indoor water leak and low temp detection sensor

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Protect Your Home From Water Damage and Frozen Pipes

Protect your home and appliances from water damage with the Ecolink Wireless Flood/Freeze Sensor, 319.5 MHz. This dual flood and freeze sensor informs you within 2 seconds of when water is detected in monitored areas or when freezing conditions develop. As soon as it detects water or freezing temperatures, it will transmit an alarm to your connected security panel, possibly saving you from expensive repairs. The sensor's small and low profile design allows it to fit near any location where leaks or freezing water may occur, such as under a sink, toilet, or near a water tank. The sensor usually rests on a flat horizontal surface or it can be wall mounted with the included mounting bracket to better monitor pipes.

  • Detects water leaks and freezing temperatures when water touches it's contacts

  • Place in high-risk areas such as under a sink, toilet, or near a hot water tank

  • Detects a minimum of 1/64th inch of water

  • Delivers freeze alert when temperatures fall to 41° F (5° C) and resets at 45° F (7° C)

  • Battery-powered, no wiring required

  • Reports low battery condition when battery replacement is required

  • Compatible with Qolsys, Interlogix, and GE security systems and devices


  • Flood/Freeze Sensor

  • CR123A Battery

  • Installation Guide

  • Mounting Bracket

NOTE: For indoor applications only.

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