Arlo Pro Support



Thank you for your interest in NETGEAR Arlo! We're ready to ship you your first system, but we want to
make sure you are ready to activate the system.

Before you can activate the system, you'll need to:

1. Have a COPS Monitoring dealer number. If you don't have a dealer number, contact COPS Monitoring at
800-367-2677 ext 1256 or by email to
2. Apply for the Arlo Authorized Partner Program:
3. You'll hear from Tyler Roberts from NETGEAR once your application has been processed and approved. Tyler will need your COPS account information.
4. Complete training in the Arlo Partner Portal and save a copy of your certificate.
Soon after completing the training program, you should get access to


You will activate each system through the app using the customer's email address. The system will not
work until you complete the next step.
 Login to using your partner user id and

password.  You'll use the customer's email address to activate the storage subscription.
You will receive an aggregated bill from COPS with all of the subscriptions you activated.


Arlo Partner Support

Please Note: This support line is reserved only for Arlo Partner use—it is not for customers, consumers or unregistered partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the battery life on Arlo Pro cameras?

Arlo Pro camera batteries are rechargeable. They last up to six months but you may experience a shorter
battery life in a high traffic area (ie. front door). Each camera comes with a power cord that can be plugged
into the camera to recharge the battery in about 3 hours.

What is the range on Arlo Pro cameras?

The range is about 100' in a home or business. You can add additional base stations to increase coverage.
The base station needs power and internet connections. You can add multiple base stations to the same
account but the number of cameras is limited by the subscription.

Can the Arlo Pro be used outside?

Yes, the Arlo Pro is rated for outdoor use.

How many cameras can I have on one system?

Cameras are limited by the service subscription. Currently, you can have 6 cameras on the Tier I and
Tier II plans. You can have 12 on the Tier III plan.

Is local storage available?

Yes! You can have video stored to a local USB storage device.
Again, thank you for your interest in NETGEAR Arlo. If you have any questions about NETGEAR Arlo,
contact Jake Voll at 866-364-0030 ext 222 or by email to