RE616 Siren

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• For use with Helix™ platform
• LEDs follow arming status and trouble conditions from Control Panel
• Remote Wireless Siren
• Siren cadence synchronized to panel
• Adjustable status volume
• Wall-powered, with backup power on CR123A battery
• Can use multiple Sirens on the panel
• Cover tamper
• Unparalleled wireless range
• 3x4x1.25 inches

Siren Specifications
Supervisory Time 64-68 minutes
Alarm Patterns: Follows panel Siren ON/OFF Directly
Shortest ON pulse: 250 ms
Shortest OFF Pulse: 250 ms
Alarm Sound Intensity 85dB, minimum, at 1m
Receiver: Dual antenna diversity
Electrical Connection: US 2-prong Electrical outlet blades
Mounting hardware: Secure with outlet plate mounting screw – break off
mounting tab in Canada
Backup Battery Life: 48 hours cumulative, non-rechargeable
Back-up Battery: CR123A 1550 mAH
Temperature Range: 0F to 120F
Housing dimensions: 3x4x1.25 inches

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