5800PIR-RES Wireless Residential Motion

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5800PIR-RES Motion Detector

  • Faster and Easier to Install
    Specific features that contribute to this benefit include:
    – Automatic walk test
    – Flashlight walk test
    – No DIP switches/jumpers
    – Remotely programmable sensitivity
    – No mounting height adjustments
    – Circuit board does not need to be removed to install on wall
    – Ceiling and wall mounting brackets help to easily direct the pattern where needed
    – 7'-9' mounting height means fewer restrictions than current offerings (6.5'-7.5')
    – Easy opening case
    – Covered circuit board reduces risk of installer initiated damage
  • Fewer Service Calls
    Incorrect installation of equipment or changing requirements of the site (new pets) is no longer a problem
    – Automatic walk test mode turns on the walk test LED for ten minutes when cover is opened and closed or when a battery is installed. Walk test mode can also be triggered with a flashlight on the 5800PIR and 5800PIR-COM.
    – Remotely programmable
    – Longer battery life
    – End-user replaceable batteries
    – Black bug guard means 15% fewer false alarms due to bright lights directed into the PIR
    – UV protected lenses (on all models except 5800PIR-RES)
  • Smaller/Better with a Family Look
    The new PIRs are 50% smaller than the 5890PI. Also, dealers can install one family look whether they use hardwired, V-Plex or wireless in order to complete the job. In addition, if the dealers need to mix and match sensing technologies, the look of the installation is consistent.
  • Less Costly Maintenance
    Only one battery to replace.
  • Decreased Liability
    Self test—alerts end-user and central station if the motion detector stops functioning (except 5800PIR-RES)
  • Optional Cold Temperature Alert
    (< 45° F) warns when temperatures are approaching the freezing point (except 5800PIR-RES).
  • Commercial Dealer —Additional Benefits
    – New longer range patterns allow more wireless options
    – Colder operation down to -20° C (-4° F) for use in unheated areas
    – Look down option provides increased security right below the detector
    – Back tamper switch—required for commercial certificated installations

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