Z-WAVE Dimmable LED Indoor Flood Light

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Light the way to a modern, personalized way of living with this indoor flood light from GoControl.  This long-lasting energy-saving LED flood light (BR30 style bulb) provides cool daylight-like illumination for your home and can be controlled with just your phone. Remotely turn off and on, adjust brightness and dim speed for complete lighting control.  Never stumble through the dark looking for a light switch again, simply use your phone.

You can control nearly everything else with a remote, so why not your lights? GoControl’s Z-Wave Dimmable LED Indoor Flood Light pairs to your Z-Wave controller allowing you to turn it on and off, adjust brightness, and the brightness or dimming speed right from your smartphone or tablet. Easily replaces existing standard flood lights and provides cool 5000K near-daylight illumination for your kitchen, living room, bedroom or anywhere else you want simple wireless control for your lights. As a Z-Wave repeater these lights will also increase the connection range of the Z-Wave network in your home.

NOTE: Remote control and scene features may vary based on your Z-Wave controller’s capabilities


  • Easily replaces existing floodlights
  • Control lighting and create scenes with your smart phone or tablet
  • Can remember last dim setting
  • Adjust dimming and brightness speed
  • Uses only 7.5 watts of energy and provides as much light as a traditional 65-watt incandescent flood light bulb (650 lumens)
  • Medium-cool 5,000K light appearance – pleasant and cool, providing near-daylight illumination
  • Perfect for recessed “can” (4″ or larger) and track light fixtures that use flood lights; for kitchens, bathrooms, family & living rooms, foyers, offices – you name it
  • Annual energy consumption is only $0.90! (at 3 hrs./day, $0.11/kWh)
  • Includes wall light switch “clip” that will keep the light switch in the “on” position to ensure that the Z-Wave circuitry inside the flood light bulb is always active
  • BR30 style bulb
  • Average life 22.8 years (at 3 hrs./day)
  • Repeats Z-Wave signal to provide more signal coverage
  • Wireless range of 130 feet line of sight*
  • Works with Amazon Alexa


5.375 (H) x 3.75 (D) in.

Color Temperature

5000K Near Daylight



Wireless Protocol

Z-Wave Plus

Wireless Range

Approx. 130 feet (line of sight)


Indoor ONLY

Operating Temperature


Power Consumption

7.5 Watts


120VAC, 60Hz


650 lumens






2 Years

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